About Us

Our Story

"We will deliver fast, friendly and efficient service so our guests feel appreciated"

A mission statement that is simple for most gas stations; however, The Kamloops Travel Center is more than most and people are the business 24 hours a day.  Over 25 years in business and still growing with the community of Kamloops, the KTC has had an enviable past and the horizon is clear as we take on our 30th year.

Built in 1981, we have seen our share of changes; the most recent was a major renovation in 2000 that brought us the reputation as one of Western Canada's premier travel centers.   Boasting over 18000 square feet of pavement and building, one can't help but stop and smell the sagebrush as they take in the view of the desert oasis that is Kamloops.  The perfect place to build, we have 4 major highways intersect right at our door stop, the KTC took the words "travelers or truckers delight" to heart and catered to all, with this grand facility.  A large convenience store & restaurant looks after our local residents and travelers alike; while our pro drivers have their own "restaurant in a restaurant" overlooking the large fuel bays and rest areas.

The last 3 years, the owners, Monty and Cathy Nelson have developed a strong core of individuals to assist every type of guest all hours of the day to meet the needs of todays' public.  The Nelsons' have an extensive background in the fuel industry, and over time have developed skills in the restaurant business and the customer service industry as a whole.  Working closely together everyday brings its challenges; their commitment to the business is akin to their devotion to each other over 25 years and 3 children and 4 grand children later.

The Nelsons' work with a dedicated a team of awesome individuals that bring the experience to a level that keeps em' coming over the years!  We welcome you into our homes and our lives as we cater to your every need; in your travels or your corner store, the KTC has all you desire (and more).


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Our Team

Owners/Operators - Monty and Cathy Nelson
C-Store Manager - Scott Nevison
The VERSE Restaurant General Manager - Amy Gallant
Dedicated Office Gals - Barb and Gayle

The staff of 60 plus are so plentiful we can’t name them all….here are a few fun pics for your entertainment of us in action.

Restaurant Hours

Sunday - Tuesday
6:00 AM - 10:00 PM

Wednesday - Saturday
6:00 AM - 11:00 PM

Breakfast all day!