Card Lock

Kamloops Travel Centre is open 24 hours. Professional drivers are the cornerstone of our enterprise, and our way of showing our appreciation and thanking you for your business is to make the time you spend at the Travel Centre relaxing, refreshing, and accommodating. At Petro-Pass, our mandate is to deliver clean, fast and friendly service to all our customers. The Kamloops Petro-Pass is just one member of Canada’s largest Card Lock network.

With fuel pumps being the basic need for any traveller, our Card Lock side has 2 gasoline pumps and 10 diesel pumps, with 5 of them having satellite pumps. There’s also a scale for weighing each axle.

In our rest area we offer 2 completely private phone rooms with telephone, desk and chair. We also have 4 work stations for business and emails. We offer 2 private washrooms and 8 shower stalls which are cleaned after every use. We provide clean towels and bathmats (free with a Petro Pass card). Our full laundry facility is spotless and tidy with detergent and dryer sheets available at our convenience store. You’ll see when you enter our Card Lock how important cleanliness is to us.

Our driver’s lounge has a big screen TV with 4 recliners and a view of the parking lot where your truck is easily visible. There’s a pool table and pinball machine to provide a recreational break. Our dedicated office gals, Barb and Gayle, are available to offer business assistance and to help ensure any needed faxes are sent.

Our convenience store offers truckers specific items such as log books, antennas, steering wheel covers, and electric coolers. Our restaurant not only includes a drivers-only section and menu, but offers call ahead take-out for those times when you can’t stop for a meal.

At Kamloops Travel Centre, we try to think of everything and we’re always open to your feedback.